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Our rates set us apart.  Our Customer Service sets us above and beyond anyone else.

We strive to be viewed as a partner for your business, not just another faceless vendor.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

It’s been such a huge relief knowing we have a partner in our merchant processor. Even though we don’t see their service as often as we see other vendors, EPAG is constantly looking for ways to save us money and we finally feel like we have a merchant provider who cares.

Joe T.

I have been using EPAG for my processing/merchant services for the past 9 years. They are hands down the best processing company I have ever worked with! If I have an issue (WHICH RARELY HAPPENS), it gets resolved very quickly. They truly care about each and every customer, not to mention, their processing rates are the lowest I have ever had! They have my business for life!

Tyler G.

With merchant services being such a competitive field in today’s world, there needs to be something that separates one company from the rest. The team at EPAG is FANTASTIC!! They are ALWAYS there to take care of my tech/customer service needs even if it has to come from the owner himself! Leone’s Tailoring is proud to have used EPAG for the past 8 years!

Roberto L.